Dante Torres, the Chicago Police Department officer played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, will return in Season 10 as a series regular.

In the Season 9 episode “New Guard,” spectators first met Dante Torres’ character. Anyone who thought Aguilar looked familiar was correct; he made his television debut on Chicago P.D. in Season 7 as the minor character Franco Chavaro.

He is currently in the headlines due to his upcoming debut as Dabte Tooress on Chicago PD, which will replace Jesse Soffer on the show.

After Jay Halstead left the Chicago Police Department, Benjamin Levy Aguilar was cast as Dante Torres

Jay Halstead has been a key member of the Chicago Police Department from the beginning. He has a unique perspective because of his involvement in some of the most significant storylines in the program and his relationships with the other cast members.

Variety, however, has speculated that the role would be replaced by newcomer Dante Torres, portrayed by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, after season 10.

As soon as it was known that he was leaving, Halstead’s actor, Jesse Lee Soffer, released a statement.

He gave Chicago PD cast and crew high accolades and remarked that his time working on the show was some of his best work-related experiences.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar

Even though Soffer didn’t give a reason for his resignation, it’s possible that he merely wanted to take a vacation and spend more time with his family as the actor doesn’t have any upcoming projects.

The character in the upcoming Season 10 of the Show was welcomed by Jesse Soffer

The recently developed character Dante Torres, played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar, will feature in the forthcoming season of Chicago PD.

Soffer recently acknowledged the casting shift in an Instagram post, even though Aguilar’s character had already made their television debut in Season 9.

Season 10. Welcome Dante Torres, Soffer wrote in a remark next to a picture of Aguilar and Tracy Spiridakos, who plays his co-star Upton in front of the camera.

Fans will miss the Soffer-played investigator, but it’s not clear how Halstead, who has grown into the beloved Intelligence squad’s captain, would put away his badge or depart the show.

Fans have noted that Jesse Spencer left “Chicago Fire” before the season’s midpoint, and Jesse Soffer now appears to be leaving “Chicago PD.” Was this the deal I struck? Do you anticipate a divorce between Jay and Hailey? Will he pass away? What about Halstead, then?

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Wiki & Career

At the age of 18, Guatemalan-born and -raised Benjamin Levy made a significant life decision.

Aguilar’s acting career is still in its early stages, as previously mentioned, and he hasn’t yet made many famous projects. He has appeared in two short films, Canis Major and Spirit.

Aguilar claimed in an interview with KTLA 5 that he had considered a few other career options before deciding that acting was what he wanted to do.

Aguilar’s first dream, according to the news source, was to play soccer. “I believe soccer is the focal point of everything in Guatemala, where I grew up. When I was younger, it acted as a guide for me and is ingrained in the culture.

After moving to martial arts following a career-ending injury, Aguilar was inspired by his mother to make a brave effort in acting.

Lily Meola

Aguilar remembered that she had asked about acting for the first time during our chat.

And I clearly remember thinking, “Oh, OK, like movies… OK,” to myself. We called the airline that day while stuck in traffic and made a reservation for a flight for the following week.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Net Worth

According to our source of information, his net worth is somewhere between $1 million and $5 million, giving him an approximative net worth of these amounts.

We are unable to present a current estimate of his fortune because he has not yet made public information regarding his monthly or yearly salary, as well as his net worth.

Hollywood actors can earn a wide range of wages, from $31k to $861k a year, with an average salary of $154k. Additionally, the highest-paid actors in Hollywood earn more than $390,000. The average annual wage for actors in Hollywood is $154,000.

Because of everything that has been said, his annual salary may range between $100,000 and $700,000. The main source of income for the family is his employment as a professional actor in Hollywood. His other revenue sources have not yet been made public knowledge.

How Old Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar?

At his age, Benjamin Levy Aguilar appears to be very young. He can currently be in the middle or latter years of his 20s.

Because he has not yet disclosed his true age or the day of his birth to the public, we are unable to do so on this website. At the age of 18, Levy started working as an actor in Hollywood movies.

At the time of writing, he does not have a Wikipedia article. This prevented us from including the anecdotes from his early life in this part.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Instagram

With the account @benjaminelevyaguilar, Benjamin Levy Aguilar can be found on Instagram.

In addition to 1322 followers on his own account, he has over 21,600 followers overall on Instagram. He obviously has a significant fan base and is well-recognized in Hollywood for his acting roles.