Denise Nicholas, an actress from the United States, gained widespread recognition for her performance as Liz McIntyre, a high school guidance counselor, in the comedy-drama series Room 222, which aired on ABC. In addition to that, she is both a writer and an activist in the community. After that, she landed a role on the NBC and CBS drama series “In the Heart of the Night,” as Councilwoman Harriet DeLong.

Denise Nicholas

Denise Nicholas Wiki

Nicholas, who is now 75 years old and an actor, was born on July 12, 1944, in the city of Detroit, Michigan, in the United States of America. She has reached the age of 78 at this point. Cancer has been her birth sign since the moment she was born. Donna Denise Nicolas was the child’s name when she was born to parents Louise Caroline (mother) and Otto Nicolas (father). Her parents got a divorce when she was a young child, and shortly after that, her mother married Robert Burgen and the family moved to Milan, Michigan.
Full name: Denis Nicholas
Date of birth: July 12, 1944
Age: 77 years old
Gender: Female
Occupation: Actress, writer
Country: America
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Denise is of a diverse cultural background, although she holds American citizenship. She has one older brother named Eight and a sister named Michèle who was her younger sibling while she was growing up. She received her diploma from “Milan High School” in the year 1961. Nicholas received her legal education from the ‘University of Michigan’ in Ann Arbor, which is also in the state of Michigan. After that, she enrolled in the fine arts program at Tulane University, which is a school that is located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Place of birth Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity

Denise Nicholas Net Worth

In addition to acting and modeling, Denise is also a talented writer, and all of her work is beautiful. She was able to accumulate something of value as a result of her labor. As of the year 2022, it is anticipated that Denise Nicholas will have a net worth of three million dollars. In addition to that, during her active days, she brings in a salary of $200,000 every year.

Denise Nicholas Net Worth

In addition to that, she has a career as a writer, which brings in some income. As a social activist, she was able to make a positive impact on people’s lives and the world around her. Her profession as an actress brings in most of her money. She starred in a number of films and television series, bringing in millions of dollars thanks to her work. So, it is accurate to claim that she lives a luxurious lifestyle in order to bring in money.

Family & Relatives

Mother: Louise Carolyn Burgen Father: Otto Nicholas Marital Status: Single Spouse: Jim Hill (m. 1981–1984), Bill Withers (m. 1973–1974), Gilbert Moses (m. 1964–1965) Children: Unknown Siblings: Otto, Michele

Denise Nicholas Children

Denise’s personal life is a disaster, despite the fact that she has a flourishing career. Nicholas has been married three times, yet none of her marriages have resulted in the birth of any children. Gilbert Moise was Denise’s first husband, and the couple tied the knot in the month of May 1964. Moses, her first husband, is credited with establishing what is now known as the “Free Southern Theatre.” After that, in 1965, the couple got a divorce and ended their lives together. They were unable to have children as a result of their marriage.

Denise Nicholas Wiki

Following the conclusion of her first marriage, she wed an American singer by the name of Withers. On January 17, 1973, Denise and her second husband, Bill Wither, took their wedding vows in front of family and friends. The abuse that occurred within the home was the primary catalyst for the breakup of the marriage.

Death of her younger sister Michele Burgen

Michele Burgen, the younger sister of Nicholas, was the editor of Ebony magazine when she was fatally shot in February 1980 at the age of 26. At New York’s LaGuardia Airport, the dead body of Burgen was discovered inside a rented car that had been secured. Denise and her elder brother Otto combed the country looking for leads, but the case was never solved and no suspects were ever brought to justice.

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Career Summary

Denise Nicholas is a well-known name in the American entertainment industry, and she is also a writer and social activist. She was an active participant in the so-called “civil rights movement.” Denise gave her first performance as an actress in a Spanish play while she was still a student in college. After that, she became a member of the “Free Southern Theater,” whose mission was to introduce African Americans living in rural areas to the excitement of live theater.

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In addition to that, she is a well-known member of the group known as the “Negro Ensemble Company.” Her first role on television was in an episode of the show titled “It Takes a Thief.” After that, she was cast in the role of Liz McIntyre in the television series Room 222, which contributed to her rise to fame. Her performance in her series garnered her nominations for a Golden Globe thanks to her acting ability. After that, she was cast in movies like “Let’s Do It Again” and “A Piece of the Action.”