Elise Esposito, an American dentist, rose to notoriety after marrying American professional basketball player CJ McCollum. McCollum played for the American NBA.

Elise Esposito

Elise Esposito Wiki

Elise Esposito entered this world in the United States of America on July 5th, 1992. She has reached the age of 31 at this point. Her horoscope identifies her as a Cancer, which is a sign associated with the moon. We are aware that her father’s name was Michel Esposito, and that he practiced dentistry. The Pierre Fauchard Academy recognized Michael’s outstanding dental work by bestowing him a scholarship in the year 2000. In a similar vein, the name of Elise’s mother is Kathleen Esposito.
Full name: Elise Esposito
Date of birth: July 4, 1990
Age: 31 years
Gender: Female
Occupation: Dentist
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
The identities of her siblings as well as details about their family relationships are not currently known. Elise is a person of mixed racial and ethnic heritage, and she also holds citizenship in the United States. Similarly, she is a devout follower of the Christian religion.
Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Nationality American
Ethnicity Multiracial
Religion Christianity

Elise Esposito Net Worth

Although Elise only recently graduated from dental school, she is still somewhat green in her chosen profession. But, she does have some expertise in the field because her father was a dentist as well. Elise has built a career for herself as a dentist, and as of right now, her basic estimated net worth is somewhere around $100,000. In spite of the fact that she is only starting out in her field, she already makes a pretty respectable income.

Elise Esposito Net Worth

The typical annual income for Esposito as a Doctor of Central Surgery is in the neighborhood of $270,000. This pay accounts for all of his things, his riches, and the lavish lifestyle he leads. As she continues to work as a dentist and gains more expertise in the field, it is likely that she will see an increase in both her net worth and her salary in the not-too-distant future. In a similar vein, it is estimated that her husband, CJ McCollum, has a net worth of approximately $18 million.

Where did Elise Esposito go to college?

Esposito received a diploma from Lehigh University, where she excelled academically. In addition to that, she received her undergraduate degree in behavioral neuroscience. In addition, she earned both her bachelor’s degree and her master’s degree in the same field of study from the same university: health systems engineering. After some time, Elise attended Columbia University as a student. The College of Dentistry is informed of her admission. She received her dental education there over the course of four years, from 2016 to 2020. She was awarded the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery in January 2020.

Family & Relatives

Mother: Kathleen Esposito Father: Michael Esposito Marital Status: Married Spouse: CJ McCollum Children: Jacobi James McCollum Siblings: Unknown

Elise Esposito Wiki

Who is Elise Esposito married to?

At the moment, Elise is living the life of a married woman. Esposito’s husband is a man named CJ McCollum. CJ is a basketball player that plays professionally in the United States. The two of them initially connected while Elise was a student at Lehigh University. Beginning in 2012, they began a romantic relationship. They had been involved in the connection for a considerable amount of time when it first began. In the year 2018, CJ made a marriage proposal to Elise. They officially tied the knot in 2022, which was exactly two years after this date. They went ahead and tied the knot and became married in the Oregon Wine Region. Everyone in their extended family, as well as many close friends, attended their wedding. They are currently having a wonderful time together as a married couple. The pair enjoys a high level of ease and harmony in their relationship with one another. They do not yet have any children.

Does Elise Esposito have a child?

On the 10th of January 2022, Elise and CJ are given the gift of a daughter. Jacobi James McCollum is the name that they have given to their daughter. The pair appears to be overjoyed to become parents for the first time.

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Career Summary

Elise began her professional life in the dental field in the year 2020. In addition to that, she is employed in the field of behavioral neuroscience.

Bob Menery

During his time playing basketball, CJ has been victorious in a lot of games and has received a lot of accolades. He is a member of the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. CJ was honored as the Most Improved Player in the NBA during the third year of his professional career.