Eric Wolfhard is a history scholar and physician who came to notoriety as the father of Canadian actors Finn Wolfhard and Nick Wolfhard. He rose to prominence as a result of his children’s careers.

Eric Wolfhard

Eric Wolfhard Wiki

Eric Wolfhard was born on September 14, 1965, in Canada. His exact location of birth is unknown.
Full name: Eric Wolfhard
Date of birth: September 14, 1965
Age: 56 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Researcher
Country: Canada
Zodiac sign: Virgin
Virgo is his zodiac sign of birth. As of this moment, he has 57 years under his belt.
Eye color Black
Hair color Dark brown
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
His father’s name is Michel Richard Wolfhard, and his mother’s name is Nora Wolfhard. He is their son (mother). Eric is of white ethnicity and holds Canadian citizenship. He is also of white nationality.

Eric Wolfhard Net Worth

Eric Wolfhard has been active in the field of historical research and screenwriting since the early 1990s. He holds a doctor of screenplay degree. He was able to finish a large number of well-known projects effectively. According to reports, the typical annual income for a researcher in Canada is approximately $70,603 dollars. Considering the trajectory of his career, it is possible that he has amassed a net worth somewhere between zero dollars and half a million dollars. Being a researcher and a doctor of the screenplay, he has racked up a respectable amount of wealth throughout the course of his working career. In addition to this, he has approximately 22 years of experience working in the field of Indigenous Boundary and Aboriginal Land Problems. After that, he established VLW Research with the assistance of two of his former coworkers, namely Loraine Littlefield and Neil Vallance. Only from 2013 to 2016 did he serve in such a capacity.

Eric Wolfhard Net Worth

Family & Relatives

Mother: Nora Wolfhard Father: Michael Richard Wolfhard Marital Status: Married Spouse: Mary Jolivet Children: Finn Wolfhard, Nick Wolfhard Siblings: Unknown

Eric Wolfhard Education

Wolfhard was an exceptionally bright student who was awarded a number of academic scholarships. He is a highly educated individual who has received degrees from a number of top educational institutions. He started his education at the University of British Columbia and continued it at the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Laws degree. After that, he went on to pursue a legal education at Harvard Law School.

Eric Wolfhard’s job

Eric Wolfhard is a historian and a physician by trade. Both of these fields are important to his career. He has extensive knowledge in matters pertaining to indigenous lands and was a co-founder of VLW Research. Nonetheless, he rose to prominence due to his status as a well-known parent.

Eric Wolfhard Wiki

Eric Wolfhard’s Children

Both Eric Finn Wolfhard and Nick Wolfhard are known for their acting careers in Canada, as are their respective sons. Each and every parent takes immense pleasure in bragging about their offspring’s achievements. Nick, the father’s son, is a voice actor. In Beyblade: Burst! and World Trigger, he provided the voice of Yugo Nansui, and in World Trigger, he provided the voice of Shun Midorikawa. Moreover, his second son, Finn, is also a well-known actor in Canada. Because of his role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things, which brought him to widespread public attention, he is known for his acting prowess.

Eric Wolfhard Wife

Eric is a man who is really content in his marriage. Mary Jolivet is the name of his wife, and she was his long-term girlfriend before they got married. Mary held the position of assistant for a number of years. Also, his wife held a position at Dormouse Design, a clothing firm that specializes in the production of garments for children. They were blessed with two talented boys as a result of their marriage. On October 21, 1997, the couple was able to welcome their first child into the world, a son named Nick Wolfhard. After waiting for another five years, on December 23, 2002, they had their second son, Finn Wolfhard. Both of their boys have become well-known figures in the world of Hollywood. The pair has been married for more than twenty years, and throughout that time, they have been blessed with two kids who are each exceptionally talented in their own right.

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Career Summary

Finn Wolfhard, who is Eric’s son, is both an actor and a musician. It wasn’t until 2013’s Aftermath movie, in which he played the part of Young Charles, that he made his debut in the acting world. After that, he appeared in yet another independent film released in the same year called “The Resurrection.” In 2014, he made his first appearance on television, which was an episode of the television series known as “The 100,” in which he played the role of Zoran.

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His performance as the character “Jordie Pinsky” in the television series “Supernatural” in the year 2015 was a highlight for him. Also, he has made appearances in a number of music videos, some of which include “Retro Oceans,” “Guilt Trip,” and even “Sleep in the Heat.” From the year 2016, Finn has been a regular cast member on the Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things,’ in which he plays the role of ‘Mike Wheeler.’ Likewise, he starred in 8 episodes. In recognition of his work in this series, Finn was awarded the “Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance” at the ceremony known as the “Screen Actors Guild Awards.”