Erica Chantal Ash, better known as Erica Ash, is an American actress, comedian, singer, and model. She is best recognized for appearing on the sketch comedy shows The Big Gay Sketch Show and MADtv. Her filmography includes credits for Sacrifice, In Contempt, American Judy, and other well-known films. Ash is well-known for her on-screen work as well as the fit physique she has maintained into her 40s, which progressively aids in her weight loss.

The Atlanta-based actress had previously planned to pursue a career in medicine; she had graduated from Emory University with a degree in pre-medicine and was getting ready to start medical school.

But Ash decided to get into the entertainment industry after traveling to Japan, where she worked as a runway model and backing vocalist.

Erica Ash Loses Weight

Over time, Erica’s physical modifications have been very mild. Nevertheless, those who have been following Erica for a while can see how her consistent fitness regimen is helping her lose weight.

Erica Ash

We won’t claim that Ash has undergone any changes that have improved her appearance. No matter how much weight she gains or sheds, we can be sure that she will continue to be charming because she has always been attractive. Erica, however, has a high level of attractiveness as a result of her rigorous and consistent exercise regimen[1].

She documented her exercise program in a fitness journal that she released in 2011 and used it to track her weight loss progress.
Erica gets up at 7:30 in the morning and says her daily prayers. She thinks that praying helps her feel physically and emotionally calmer.

Erica then consumes a healthy fruit smoothie and veggie juice around 8:30. She departs for her yoga class at ten in the morning and comes back at one to eat another smoothie. She starts cycling at 3, and it’s time to eat some healthy cuisine and drink her third smoothie by 4:35.

In 2011, Erica used to schedule her days in this manner. Her road to fitness is a true motivation for everyone looking to lose weight. She still leads an active and healthy lifestyle, though we are unsure if her routine has remained the same over the past ten years.

Illness of Erica Ash

Is she ill? is among the frequently posed queries about Erica Ash’s weight loss. No official information about her status has yet been released; just rumors have been mentioned. Given her exercise routine, Ash must be in good health, but we cannot completely rule out any health issues.

People questioned whether the celebrity had dropped weight as a result of numerous photos that were posted online. Her body appears to alter whenever she dons a new outfit. Her overall weight, nevertheless, also appears to be influenced by her age. She has lost a few pounds from her 20s and 30s, but due to how organic-looking her transformation is, it does not appear like she underwent weight loss surgery.

Many Internet fan tweets claimed that Ash’s weight reduction was due to a medical condition. It’s critical to realize that while diseases can occasionally be a factor in weight reduction, the majority of situations concern maintaining a person’s physical look[2].

The actress, however, was reportedly in good health before, and her illness has not been made public knowledge. Ash is healthy as normal and most likely free of any ailments.

Erica Ash’s Before And After Pictures

At first glance, Ash’s weight loss transformation seems quite natural. Instead of weight, images of her from her early years and today show alterations in her body tone. Her exercise routine has given her a perfectly muscular shape.

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Ash uses the Instagram username @theericaash to post updates about her day-to-day activities. She has 128 thousand followers on the app, and in addition to her job on-screen, it appears that she also gives motivational speeches. Additionally, she runs a YouTube channel with 645 subscribers where she posts funny videos.


young age. Ash was born to Donald and Diann Ash in Florida. Because both of her parents were in the military, the family frequently moved, going to Germany and other countries. When she was younger, she went to a performing arts school in Atlanta, Georgia.

Uncle Drew(2018), Scary Movie 5(2013), Unthinkably Good Things, Miss Me This Christmas(2017), Skin in the Game(2018), Jean of the Joneses(2016)

Can Erica Ash sing?

Yes, Erica Ash is a model, comedian, actress, and singer. In the Starz series “Survivor’s Remorse,” she plays the lead role of Mary Charles “M-Chuck” Calloway. Erica Ash has accomplished it all with great success, including singing backup on Broadway, modeling, acting, and even ringside announcing.