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Erin Lim Wiki

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On April 13, 1991, Erin Lim was born in California, America. He is currently 28 years old. It is rumored that his mother was Mexican and his father was Filipino. Erin is a citizen of the United States and is of mixed Filipino and Mexican ancestry.
She also has a sister by the name of Erica. In 2013, she received her diploma from Chapman Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Erin Lim

Who Is Erin Lim’s boyfriend?

Speaking of her private life, Erin is presently engaged. Lamorne Morris, who is her lover, is the love of her life. Additionally, they began dating in July 2016 but made their relationship public in September 2017. Although the specifics of how this pair met and fell in love with one another remain a secret, we assume that there must also be an intriguing backstory.

Rewind to June 2018 when Erin allegedly got married to Lamorne in secret. And to make matters worse, they allegedly eloped after Lim posted a picture of herself and her alleged spouse enjoying a vacation in Cannes, France.

The rumor hasn’t been formally confirmed, though. For the time being, they are ending a wonderful life together and are in love. We hope the couple gets hitched as soon as possible.

Erin Lim Net Worth

The sources estimate Erin’s net worth to be close to $1 million. The estimated current salary for Erin Lim is $60,000. We are confident that Erin will make more money in the upcoming 10 days as she keeps her career on track.

With this wealth, Erin does appear to live a rather opulent life, though. We may easily infer from watching her travel the world and maintain her beauty that she leads a very opulent lifestyle.

Her Career

Speaking of her profession, she accepted a position as an executive producer and host with Orange TV not long after beginning college. She then relocated to Singapore and started working as an on-air correspondent for the E! Asia Network. She was a producer and animator as well.

Black Pearl Productions PTE. LTD. was established by Erin Lim. She started this business in Singapore, and it is still going strong.

She has worked on other projects for E! as well, including “The Rundown,” a Snapchat show that regularly draws 13 million views. In addition, Erin participates as a panelist on many ‘Life From E!’ networks.

Danielle Aykroyd

The Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Program was nominated for E! News in 2017. The charming Lim is also an actress in addition to all of this. She also received a major role in the Rules of Tham TV series. From September 2013 through November of the same year, this program aired on the biggest network in Singapore.

What height is Erin Lim?

Erin is a stunning woman who stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches.

She has light white skin and is adorable. Erin also has dark brown hair and brown eyes.


What has made Erin Lim well-known?

She is well known for the films The Other Two (2019) and The Arrangement(2017), etc.

Why isn’t Erin Lim on The Rundown?

E! is looking for its next big star to assist host The Rundown while Erin Lim is on maternity leave.

How many children does Erin Lim have?

For the first time since she and her husband Joshua Rhodes welcomed their daughter Saylor Cielo Rhodes about four months ago, the Rundown host visited the E! News headquarters this week.