7 Must-Watch Films Similar to Ticket to Paradise – In the romantic comedy “Ticket to Paradise,” a divorced couple travels to Bali together in an effort to prevent their daughter from getting married and repeating the same error they made 25 years earlier. Ol Parker’s visually stunning direction is enhanced by the hilarious dialogue between David (George Clooney) and Georgia (Julia Roberts). A large portion of their interaction can be summed up by the snarky remarks and the clever retorts.

7 Must-Watch Films Similar to Ticket to Paradise

The characters have fantastic chemistry, reminiscent of many rom-com couples, despite their arguments and competition. If you’re unable to get enough of the genre’s cliches and motifs, here is a list of movies for you. The majority of these films like “Ticket to Paradise” are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

1. It’s Complicated (2009)

Any film starring Meryl Streep is deserving of being ranked first. In “It’s Complicated,” Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep play Jake and Jane, who has just divorced and are now falling in love once more. The fact that they are divorced and Jake is already married causes issues. Despite being a rom-com, the characters’ portrayals in the movie are very real.

This film portrays what it’s like to give a romance a second opportunity while also showing different sides to the major characters, just like “Ticket to Paradise” did. Even when they fight or bicker, the lovers in both movies have a sweet aura. The character arcs also take a similar path and make for an endearing experience.

2. Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

The comedy movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” is based on Anne Fine’s novel “Madame Doubtfire,” also known as “Alias Madame Doubtfire.” Daniel (Robin Williams), a divorced actor, is the subject of the narrative. He poses as the title character, an elderly female Scottish housekeeper, to work in his ex-home wife’s so that he can spend more time with his children.

Similar to “Ticket to Paradise,” the movie depicts the idea of divorce in a humorous and poignant way. In addition, the dynamic between David and Georgia and Daniel and Miranda (Sally Field) is similar, which makes for a fun watch.

3. Enough Said (2013)

What happens when you find out the man you’re trying to date is your new friend’s ex-husband? The song “Enough Said” perfectly answers this query. Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), a single mother and masseuse, meets and finds Albert (James Gandolfini) to be an appealing man. She makes an attempt to approach him but later learns he is the ex-husband of her latest client.

The movie follows the traditional three-act format of a rom-com. When the characters first meet, they engage in conflict, and then the resolution happens. Although it doesn’t have the same format as this movie, “Ticket to Paris” has some intriguing similarities.

Two key topics discussed in both stories are how a couple’s perspective of their relationship evolves over time and how, despite being fully grown adults, people often behave like children when they fall in love.

4. The Parent Trap (1998)

The 1961 movie of the same name, which in turn was based on Eric Kästner’s book “Lisa and Lottie,” served as the inspiration for the movie “The Parent Trap.” In the 1998 movie, Lindsay Lohan plays identical twins Hallie and Annie, who are split up at birth due to their parent’s divorce. When the two enroll at the same summer camp many years later, they learn they are sisters. The two trade places in order to rejoin their parents.

The film shows how the two girls use immature but successful strategies to mend fences between their parents. Although Lily (Kaitlyn Dever) doesn’t make an effort to reconcile her parents in “Ticket to Paradise,” her wedding unintentionally serves as a trigger for David and Georgia to put their differences aside in order to work toward a shared objective.

In both movies, the parents make an effort to act in their daughters’ best interests, which results in a positive outcome.

5. The Proposal (2009)

Rom-coms have a lovely and heartwarming way of fusing diametrically opposed characters in the silliest of situations. The book “The Proposal” offers proof of this. The plot centers on a New York editor named Margaret (Sandra Bullock), who concocts an absurd scheme to wed her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) in order to avoid being deported. Andrew, who loathes his boss, consents in exchange for a raise. But when the two travel to his homeland, everything is different.

The constant bickering between Margaret and Andrew from “The Proposal” and David and Georgia’s relationship in “Ticket to Paradise” are comparable.

But as they get to know one another outside of the workplace, they learn things that surprise them. This characteristic is what connects the two movies.

6. Definitely, Maybe (2008)

The feel-good movie “Definitely, Maybe” presents the idea of divorce and separation in a novel way. The story centers on Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds), a 30-something parent and political consultant who is carrying out his responsibilities while divorcing his wife.

Will tells a scenario to his daughter, 10, to explain his previous relationships when she asks about his love life. Although it has a distinct tone from “Ticket to Paradise,” both movies have a realistic understanding of how people interact with one another.

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7. The Wedding Ringer (2015)

In the buddy comedy “The Wedding Ringer,” Josh Gad plays Doug Harris, who is getting married in two weeks but doesn’t have any groomsmen since he is socially uncomfortable. He makes contact with a best man service company to rescue himself from embarrassment and develops a unique relationship with Jimmy, its proprietor (Kevin Hart).

Although the movie is the polar opposite of a rom-com, it uses several of the same themes as “Ticket to Paradise.” Georgia and David attempt to stop their daughter’s wedding in a manner similar to how Jimmy and Doug attempt to pull off their fake. In addition to this, the movies have a number of other shared themes and character arcs.