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In 1947, Indira, Siok Tian Koh, later known as Heavenly Wilson, was born in Bangalore, India. Tian is heavenly in meaning. She was 72 years old in 2019. Her parents are from Malaysia’s Sabah. However, the family remained in Singapore after she was born, and she spent her early years there. She is of Chinese and Kadazandousun ancestry and is a citizen of the United States. She also has short blonde hair and brown eyes.

Educational History

She attended school at Santa Maria Ladies College in Perth, Western Australia, as well as the Convent of the Good Shepherd and the Convent of the Holy Child Jesus in Singapore. She then pursued a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Western Australia, where she eventually graduated. She got involved in politics as a political activist for international students while she was a student.

Heavenly Koh Wilson

Heavenly Koh Wilson Career

In 1968, Heavenly relocated to London, England, where she would later launch her career. She began her career as a solicitor at the Broadwick Street entertainment division of the law firm Crawleys and de Reya. She has received permission to work as a solicitor in the UK. She then flew to Perugia, Italy, in the summer of 1972 to enroll in an Italian language course at the Universita Italiana for Stranieri.

Finally, she returned to London and took a job as a solicitor with the Municipal Company of Stephenson Harwood. She first traveled to Aix-en-Provence, France for French studies at the Institute of French Studies for Foreign Students at the University Aix-Marseille, France.

She also worked for Warner Bros. Inc.’s motion picture legal division at Burbank Studios and became licensed to practice law in California in 1979 after passing the state bar test in Los Angeles. Even employment agreements with actors, screenwriters, directors, and producers as well as the purchase of author rights were negotiated by her at Warner Bros.

Heavenly then stopped practicing law in 1982 and 1986 to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an artist by enrolling at the Otis Art Institute, from which she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with distinction in 1990. Then, in 1989, a congressional battle for the National Endowment for the Arts’ survival started, and Heavenly joined her fellow students to fight for the NEA’s survival.

Full Name Heavenly Koh Wilson
Height Unknown
Marital Status Married
Place Of Birth Bengaluru, India
Date of Birth 1947
Profession Lawyer and artist
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Since 1992, Heavenly and her husband Scott have fought alongside other union members in a series of challenging and occasionally contentious conflicts over issues affecting the rights and advantages of Screen Actors Guild members.

Heavenly Koh Wilson Net Worth

Wilson worked in a variety of occupations in addition to the law practice. Heavenly has amassed a significant amount of value from the legal, political, and entertainment industries. Her estimated net worth is therefore unquestionably in the millions. She did not, however, provide any information to the media on her salary or net worth.

Wilson’s estimated net worth is around $2 million, per the sources. She and her spouse Scott Wilson were residents of an opulent home in Los Angeles. Celeste led a very contented and opulent life.

Heavenly Koh Wilson Marriage

Regarding her private life, Scott Wilson, an actor, and Heavenly were married in 1977. Additionally, the couple first connected in 1975 at the director’s Marlowe, England, house. Scott Wilson, her spouse, was an American actor who worked in film and television. Throughout their whole marriage, the pair was extremely content.

Clytie Lane

Wilson would return to The Walking Dead and reprise her role as Hershel for the show’s ninth season, it was subsequently announced on October 6, 2018. Wilson was said to have passed away at the age of 76 after that day. Scott passed away as a result of complications from his leukemia, according to his reporter Dominic Mancini. Scott died quietly while at home in Los Angeles.

Despite being together for such a long time, the couple is childless. In a time when divorce and marriage are so frequent, this couple had such a blessed union. Furthermore, they don’t even believe that having children would help the couple’s relationship. Heavenly is a well-rounded individual.