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Maria DiGeronimo Wiki

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On March 3, 1986, Maria DiGeronimo was born for the first time in Adelaide, Australia. Margherita is the name of her mother. Like her brother, she has a sister named White.

She and her family spent their formative years in Adelaide. Maria is of white ancestry and Australian nationality.

Maria DiGeronimo

Is Maria DiGeronimo married?

In terms of her private life, the stunning actress proposed to Carlos Vannini in 2014. Carlos works as a barber in his spare time and runs a business. The pair are quite happy together, even though it is unknown how they finally connected and made the decision to propose.

When Carlos sent over $15,000 in Versace jewelry and a $7,000 bouquet of $100 bills, it made a lot of buzzes online.

Additionally, Valentina is the name of the couple’s daughter. Montana is the name of Carlos’ other child from a prior relationship. The couple amicably split up in 2018 after dating for 4 years. They had joint custody of their daughter, nevertheless.

Full Name Maria Di Geronimo
Height Unknown
Marital Status Engaged
Place Of Birth Adelaide, Australia
Date of Birth March 3, 1986
Profession television personality
Instagram Link

However, it took them eight weeks of being apart until they found they could not remain apart and grew closer once more. They both acknowledge that their affection for one another has grown. We hope they stay together forever and continue to be as happy and lucky as they are right now.

Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth

Maria makes a good living from her work as a reality TV star. The sources estimate Maria’s net worth to be around $1.9 million. She earned all of this money thanks to her acting career.

Additionally, because she is so attractive, she even participates in marketing and brand endorsements. She consequently also makes a pretty excellent income. In addition to this, she is a well-known Instagram user. She makes about $4,000 for each paid job.

Maria resides in a $700,000 home. We get the impression that she is living a very happy and opulent life with her husband and children from watching how she interacts with them. We hope that she will soon earn far more than that and upgrade her lifestyle from what it is right now.

Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth

Vocation and Honors

She is a reality TV star, as we just established, so let’s talk about her profession. Maria began making appearances on the Seven Network series Yummy Mummies in 2017.

She is introduced in the program as the affluent woman who is prepared to give birth to her first child. She seemed to be enjoying her opulent lifestyle there while making significant preparations for the birth of her first child.

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She also made a musical jump in July 2017 by publishing a humorous music video for her song, Valentina. She also works as a fitness coach. We do not doubt that she will continue to live a nice lifestyle and pursue a great job in the days to come.


Maria Di Geronimo, 34, a star of Yummy Mummies, welcomed a boy with partner Carlos Vannini and announced the baby’s VERY unusual name. Maria Di Geronimo, star of Yummy Mummies, and her partner Carlos Vannini welcomed a kid.

Don’t expect Maria, who left the show, to share her pregnancy news with her former co-stars because she has “blocked” the girls and would be content to never see them again. The Netflix series Yummy Mummies follows four wealthy pregnant mothers as they navigate the hardships of pregnancy.

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She is supported in her opulent way of life by her spouse and family. actual talk. Expect to see a lot of Maria’s close-knit Italian family because they are headquartered in Adelaide. Margherita and Giuseppe, her parents, own a concreting company.