Sharlize True – Sharlize True is a well-known Tiktok content creator renowned for her inventive writing and dance skills.
Content creators can express their creativity and instantly capture the public’s interest with the aid of Tiktok. Thanks to the app, many people now have a platform to showcase their talents and ingenuity.

Sharlize also creates content on the platform. As a consequence of her content becoming viral and viewers’ enjoyment of her dance routines in her videos, she has gained more notoriety recently.

Sharlize True: Who Is She on TikTok?

Sharlize is a content creator who primarily posts on Tiktok. Through the years, her videos on Tiktok have helped her amass a considerable following base.

On her Instagram page, she identifies herself as a dancer, singer, and model. Due to her fame on Tiktok, she also has a big following on Instagram.
She founded her own clothing business, which she constantly promotes on Instagram. She routinely makes viral videos of herself dancing or lip-syncing to well-known tunes.

Sharlize True

Regardless, her fans enjoy the content she creates. She uploads movies to her Tiktok account that are viewed millions of times. She recently joined YouTube, where she has been recording daily activity vlogs.

What Is Sharlize’s Age And Real Name?

Sharlize True is both her real name and her stage name. She uses her real name on all platforms. She just turned 18 years old. She was born on January 20, 2004, in the US.

She comes from an honest family of Christians. Sharlize True and her family were residents of the US. Shelly Trujillo is her mother’s name. Sheldon is the name of her older brother, whereas Shariah is the name of her older sister.

On her social media accounts, True usually posts pictures of her family. Her family is shown in the vlogs she uploads on her YouTube account.

Sharlize True Net Worth

Our study of Sharlize True’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is roughly $1.5 million.

View Sharlize True’s Instagram Profile

Sharlize’s Instagram username is @sharlizetrue_. She currently only has 1.6k followers, yet she already has 312k followers and an unverified account.

The number of posts on True’s Instagram feed is around 1.3k. In addition to being very active on social media, she posts pictures of herself there. She routinely posts pictures of herself advertising her clothing company and acting as a model for different companies. She is associated with KC Talent, RTA, and CTG.

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Sharlize also professes to be a Christian; her Instagram bio says, “God First.” She comes from a Christian household and is a fervent Christian who never forgets her roots.

She enjoys interacting with her Instagram fans, where she posts almost daily.


  • How old is Sharlize true on TikTok?

She was born on January 20, 2004, as Sharlize True. The age of Sharlize True is 18.

  • What school does Sharlize true go to?

Sharlize True was born in the United States and turned 18 in January 2022. Online information about Sharlize True’s educational background is lacking, but it is assumed that she has a high school diploma.