Male Samoan-American superstar Solo Sikoa is presently employed as a member of the current NXT roster. He is from the illustrious Samoan-American wrestling dynasty known as the Anoa’i Family. His father is Rikishi, and Jey and Jimmy Uso are his older brothers.

He participated in house competitions that weren’t broadcast before making his television debut as the Tonga Kid in the fall of 1983. He then joined the World Competing Federation as “Samoan No. 4”

The couple’s two children are named Zion Fatu and Za’khi Christopher Fatu, and The Wrestler is engaged to Almia Williams.

Sikoa’s WWE career is still in its early stages, hence Wikipedia has not yet given him any recognition.

Solo Sikoa

Is Solo Sikoa Married?

Let’s look into Solo’s past relationships to see if he is married or not. Solo Sikoa is set to get married even though he hasn’t yet done so.

The love of his life, Almia Williams, and Sikoa are indeed engaged. In July 2020, they became engaged. But they haven’t yet taken a joint trek down the aisle.
Unknown to us is when Solo intends to marry Almia. They do, however, get along very well.

Not to mention that Sikoa’s fiance has already become a part of his family. Zion Fatu, their child, was born in November 2019. He is currently three years old.

They welcomed their son, Za’khi Christopher Fatu, in February 2021 as well.

Solo Sikoa Net Worth

Solo Sikako’s professional wrestling earnings are projected to total almost $2 million by 2022. WWE stars lead opulent lives and make six-figure salaries and career earnings.

His father, Rikishi, has a fortune that is worth more than $4 million and His older brothers, the Uso Twins, are worth $2.5 million.

The Lash Legend Tag Team Uso is made up of Joseph Fatu, also known as Solo Sikoa. Solo is related to The Usos because he is the younger brother of the twins.

Joshua, The tag team in American professional wrestling known as The Usos is made up of twin brothers Samuel and Jonathan Solofa Fatu. Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso are the names of their rings. Solo’s parents are Talisa Fuavai and wrestler Rikishi. He is descended from the illustrious Samoan-American wrestling family, the Anoa’i clan.

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Jimmy Uso, one of the best tag teams in the history of professional wrestling, is the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion. brothers of him.

Sefa Fatu, The Problem, and The Street Champion are some of the other names he goes by.

Is Solo Sikoa related to Roman Reigns?

Together with their brother Solo Sikoa, their cousin Roman Reigns, and his special counsel Paul Heyman, they form a stable known as The Bloodline.

Is Roman Reigns and Usos cousins?

Technically speaking, The Usos and Roman Reigns are not really related. However, because all three of them grew up together and are roughly the same age, they have developed a brotherly bond with one another. The Usos are Rikishi’s offspring.