Tessa Prieto clarifies on her separation from Dennis Valdes – Tessa Prieto goes into great depth about her split from Dennis Valdes.

Tessa Prieto was married to Dennis Valdes. Before separating on June 24, 2019, Tessa and Dennis lavishly renewed their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary.

Tessa remarked that only her point of view could be heard, hence she did not go into detail about the facts of their divorce. She asserts that Prieto-Valdes and Dennis only had a fleeting relationship.

Tessa Prieto clarifies on her separation from Dennis Valdes

The two had a six-month romance before getting hitched. The columnist acknowledges that as she began a new chapter in her life, she grew frustrated with her mending.

He could see that Prieto-Valdes was trying to have more influence over things that “only God could handle.” The couple’s split received widespread media coverage and heated up among fans.

Who Is Dennis Valdes?

Dennis Valdes is the president and executive director of PhilWeb Corp. It is a well-known manufacturer of gaming hardware in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition to his job, he likes to spend the weekends at the beach with his family. He also likes to take images.

Valdes doesn’t frequently appear in public, thus there isn’t much online about him. He once rose to fame after Tessa said she had split from her husband of more than 20 years.

Tessa Prieto and her ex-husband Dennis Valdes’s Separation Story

Tessa Prieto’s ex-husband Dennis Valdes and they had lavishly celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary when their marriage started to fall apart. Before divorcing, Prieto and Valdes had been wed for 22 years.

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She never discussed her divorce in significant detail in front of the public. They had a ceremony with a Game of Thrones theme to renew their vows on the occasion of their 20th wedding anniversary in 2014.

Tessa doesn’t want to criticize her husband; she only wants to speak favorably of him. She went on to say that their marriage was wonderful.

What happened between Tessa Prieto and Dennis Valdes?

Tessa Prieto and Dennis Valdes’ divorce was never given a public reason for it. She claimed in one of her interviews that she shouldn’t criticize Valdes because he is the father of her children.

Because they share parental responsibilities for their child, Tessa claims that she and Dennis still talk frequently. Tessa acknowledged that despite their 26-year marriage, she still loves Dennis.

Prieto-Valdes completed that chapter before moving on to the following. She continued by saying that she intended to look into opportunities and decide on her course of action for 2020.