Vince Sant, American fitness model, and ISSA-certified instructor. He would serve as CEO of the online fitness company V Shred, which he co-founded.

On the 1.1 million-subscriber V Shred YouTube channel, he posted his workout programs, advice, and more.

Vince Sant Wiki

American actor Vince Sant was born in Ohio on December 31, 1993. He is 29 years old and a Capricorn as of the year 2022. He is Roxane and Éric’s son. Cassie and Zoe, two sisters, were reared with Vince.

Sant is of white ancestry and has American nationality. He also practices Christianity as a religion. His early years were absolutely wonderful. Since he was a little child, he was reared by his parents in a loving and welcoming home.

Vince Sant Net Worth

Vince’s career has brought him success. As of 2022, his estimated net worth is $5 million, the majority of which comes from his work on the internet. In addition to having his own stuff, which is mostly sold on, he also has a significant following that draws advertisers to his social media pages.

Vince Sant, Founder of V Shred

His current inventory includes of hoodies, T-shirts, and various accessories that are all made to order. Items that are sold for between $20 and $50 frequently sell out quickly. He also drives high-end vehicles. His cars, however, have not yet received any further information.

Is Vince Sant Married? Who is His Partner?

His girlfriend is Ashley Rossi. The Italian-American beauty is also a fitness model and a social media influencer, and she created her own clothing line called CURRENT.

With a degree in business administration and a minor in fashion design, she makes good use of her undergraduate education. Ashley also hails from a family of company owners, which sparked her interest in the sector.

Every time Vince and his girlfriend post something on social media, they set new standards for their relationship. Their admirers have nothing but appreciation for what they share because they are frequently seen working out as a couple together at the gym.

Vince Sant’s height and weight

Being a cool 6 feet, 0 inches tall, Vince Sant’s height is the first notable characteristic you’ll notice about him. His body weight is unknown, but he is 30 inches tall, and his wonderfully toned physique speaks volumes about the rest of his body measurements, which he has kept private.

Rachel Nichols

Her hazel eyes and brown hair go well together and enhance her beauty. Unquestionably, his well-defined features and the fact that he proudly displays them make him more popular.

Summary of Vince Sant Career

  • Vince works as a fitness trainer full-time.
  • He posts instructional videos and fitness advice to a number of social media sites, including his V Shred YouTube account.
  • Many people who will go to any lengths to testify at the first opportunity have found his movies to be helpful.
  • His YouTube channel, which was first published on January 25, 2015, has amassed over 76.8 million views as of July 2019. This serves as additional evidence of his fitness importance.
  • Over 1.1 million devoted viewers subscribe to the channel because of the informative videos he posts.
  • Every week, he adds three new videos to the channel.
  • As you might anticipate from a viral phenomenon on the internet, Vince Sant has expanded his fame to other social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is the price of the V Shred program?

After the first 30 days, there is a $1 down payment followed by a monthly payment of $19.99.

What is the V Shred philosophy?

Vince Sant, a fitness author, well-known trainer, and YouTube exercise star, established the V Shred program. His exercise program is based on the concept of “minimum effective” workouts, and it claims to help you get in shape without using excessive willpower or causing you to go hungry due to a tight diet.