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On September 19, 1960, Yolanda Saldivar was born in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States. She is 59 years old as of the year 2019. Her horoscope is a Virgo, however. Juanita Saldivar is her mother, and Frank Saldivar is her parents (father).

Yolanda is of American nationality and belongs to a white ethnic heritage. In 1979, she went to McCollum High School in San Antonio, Texas. She then enrolled in Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas, which is after that.

She also went to John Jay High School in San Antonio, Texas. She then enrolled in the Austin, Texas-based University of Texas at Austin. She has black hair, and her eyes are also black.

Yolanda Saldivar

Fan club for Selena

After going to one of Selenas’ shows, Yolanda started calling Selenas’ father Abraham Quintanilla frequently to discuss forming a fan club in San Antoni. Her father eventually gave in to the Saldivars’ demands, and she took over as club president right away.

She received a promotion during this time to the manager of the clothing stores Selenas and Selena Etc. In less than four years, the Selena fan club attracted 1,500 members, and by 1993, it had more than 5,000. It also developed into one of the biggest fan clubs in the San Antonio region.

Killing Selena

Saldivar was fired in the first week of March of 1995 after the Selenas family learned that she was stealing money from the fan club and the businesses. She also consented to meet at the Saldivarat Days Inn in Corpus Christi on March 31 to obtain the bank information. She resisted, though, turning around.

Full Name Yolanda Saldivar
Height Unknown
Marital Status Unknown
Place Of Birth San Antonio, TX
Date of Birth September 19, 1960
Profession nurse
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Saldivar put off the surrender by claiming she was raped in Mexico. When Selena drove her to the hospital, the doctors there did not find any indication of rape, according to a hospital tape. They returned to the motel after that, when Delena once more demanded the records.

She pulled a.38 Taurus Model 85 Revolver out of her purse, nevertheless, and pointed it at the performer. Saldivar shot the singer in the back, severing an artery, as she attempted to leave. Yolanda Saldivar attempted to call her “puta,” but she fled to the hall for assistance after becoming seriously hurt.

At 1:05 p.m., singer Selena fell to the ground, and the 911 operator passed away in a hospital from massive blood loss.

Trial and incarceration

The Latin American community in the United States is closely following Nurse Saldivar’s trial for Selena’s murder. While cameras were permitted on the courthouse grounds, the trial was not televised. The Saldivar layers also succeeded in establishing the case for the new placement. In the hometown of Selenas, she might not receive a fair trial.

Before the trial started, CNN reported that Saldivar had signed a contentious police confession in which she claimed responsibility for shooting Selena.

“following a dispute over claims made by the singer’s father that Saldivar had embezzled funds from Selenas’ accounts.”

Similarly, the defense anticipates introducing Texas Ranger Robert Garza’s testimony that

She complained that the police did not mention Saldivar’s claim that the shooting was unintentional in their statement after he overheard Saldivar say it.

The defense lawyer claimed that the shooting was unintentional. After the gun chase, Saldivar pointed out that a certified nurse did not call 911 or attempt to assist Selena. The gun “[accidentally] went off,” she acknowledged. Prosecutors concluded that the 38-caliber Taurus Model 85 pistol could only have fired if the trigger had been pulled knowingly.

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The judge did not, however, give the jury the choice of a lesser charge of manslaughter or negligent homicide. Saldivar was found guilty or not guilty of the lone charge of first-degree murder. After less than three hours of deliberation on October 23, 1995, the jury found Saldivar guilty of first-degree murder.

On October 26, Saldivar was given the highest jail sentence permitted in Texas at the time: life in prison with the chance of parole in thirty years. She is incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Mountain View Unit in Gatesville, where she is serving a life sentence.

After the punishment, Similar to how Selena’s murder weapon vanished following the trial. Later, a court reporter’s residence is where the pistol was discovered. Despite the protests of several historical organizations, the case was disassembled and its components were discarded in Corpus Christi Bay in 2002.

On March 30, 2025, she will also be qualified for parole. She accepts a petition that the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has received and that contests her conviction.